7th August

Weather conditions overnight were clear and frosty reaching a minimum of -3.3. Yesterday reached a top of 13.7. Still patches of snow in low lying areas near Launceston despite the milder days. Liawenee broke the state record for lowest recorded temperature, setting a new low of -14.2, beating the old record of -13.0 set in 1983.

6th August

A cold start this morning, with the temperature reaching a low of -0.9 with light frost – temperature yo-yo’d through the night. Yesterday reached a top of 13, expecting a top near 13 today.

Snow from yesterday morning sits heavy over the mountains and still large patches in sheltered areas as low as 100 asl. Should all melt by this evening.

5th August

Last night reached an overnight low of 1.2 with 6.2mm of rainfall. Conditions are expected to become mostly clear and sunny which will last until the middle of next week with morning frosts, possibly severe at times, min temps will be between -5 and 5. Maximum temperatures will remain average, although the frost and possible fog may see some days cooler than forecast.

However today will be noted for historically heavy snowfalls over Launceston with several cm’s falling between midnight and 3am (with over 30mm of rain). Hilly areas to the south, east and north recorded more substantial falls. These falls were due to latent heat adsorption which allowed snow to fall to low levels that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Snow in Launceston is rare, nevermind settled snow. People were out skiing and snowboarding on the streets during the early hours of the day.

Yesterday the morning started with conditions cold enough for snow to low levels but things remained dry and sunny until early afternoon when heavy showers and rain moved up from the south bringing a brief burst of low level snow to the south of the state, this spread through the midlands and eventually into Launceston. However in the south and through the midlands as the rain continued conditions began to warm and the snow level lifted. Meanwhile in Launceston the snow continued to fall.

Rainfall in the 24hrs to 9am

Plenty of road closures at the height of the snow:


Tasman Highway from Fingerpost Road, Orielton to Buckland.

Huon Highway from Sandfly Intersection to Grove which includes Vinces Saddle.

Lyell Highway – Tarraleah to Mt Arrowsmith.

Huon Highway – Fern Tree to Neika

Huon Highway – South of the Sandfly turnoff

Midland Highway – All traffic from Melton Mowbray to Jericho.

Midland Highway – East Bagdad Road to Melton Mowbray.

Huon Road – Sandfly to Vinces Saddle.

Hollow Tree Road – Bothwell to Lyell Highway.

Highland Lakes Road at Haulage Hill will be closed to all traffic other than 4WD tonight…

Mud Walls Road from Colebrook to Lovely Banks Road.

Black Hills Road – Gretna to Magra.

The following roads are open to all vehicles: Motorists should adhere to cautions regarding icy conditions:

Murchison Highway between Fingerpost and Roseberry

Anthony Road from Murchison Highway to Queenstown turnoff

Lyell Highway between Derwent Bridge and Queenstown is open to all traffic

Waratah Road between Waratah and Savage River

Midlands and Central Highlands areas

The following roads are only open to 4WD vehicles:

Belvoir Road and Cradle Mountain Road between Murchison and Lowina – Extreme caution to be taken

Haulage Road, off Highlands Lake Road

Huon Highway, Neika to Leslie Vale

Woodbridge Hill Road. 4WD only (low range – please be aware of abandoned vehicles in this area)

Entire Length East Bagdad Road is only accessible to 4WD.

Pelverata Road, Sandfly to Coast Road.

Collinsvale Road from Collinsvale to Berridale.

Gordon River Road – West of Maydena.

Launceston City obs:

Launceston Airport observations:

4th August

Conditions are expected to improve after rain and low level snow dominated Tuesday and early Wednesday, however severe frosts are likely throughout the forecast period in the wake of the cold air mass that passed over the state yesterday, min temps will be between -2 and -6. Maximum temperatures will remain average, although the frost and possible fog may see some days cooler than forecast.